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HOTSHOT: Team Turn Up

TTU Blog

Demi Daygo, Flatline & Kogniak they make up the group #TTU (Team Turn Up) Check out the visual to their latest single “feeling like the man.” Your comments always welcome and mandatory. #SUPPORT Those That #SUPPORT You…ENJOY!!!


Does this prove Beyonce is pregnant with baby #2?


The internet is on fire with rumors of BeyJay pregnancy number two, after Jay Z allegedly changed the lyrics of “Beaches” during the last ‘On The Run’ Tour performance.  Supposedly, he said “cause she’s pregnant with another one”.  Some are also speculations about Bey being preggos after she’s had several OTR wardrobe changes.

Check out the video/sound footage from the concert and YOU be the judge.


Ditch Your Rice Jersey for Pizza and WHAT ELSE?

The Baltimore Ravens cut Rice yesterday after TMZ posted video of the running back punching his girlfriend-now-wife, Janay Palmer. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell also stepped in and indefinitely suspended Rice to deter any other team from picking him up. Rice’s alma mater, Rutgers, also began the dissociation from Rice by removing Rice from all promotional videos!

That’s not all.

Now, in the wake of the latest developments, The Purge of Ray Rice’s name from NFL history continues as seen in the corporate and community tweets below. Evidently Rice’s actions have dropped him to a depth so low, you can get free food just for trading in his name.






and down the street from the Tavern

Happy 33rd Birthday Beyonce!


4"x6" Post Card Template

This Sunday if you think you got what it takes, come out to the September #SDARTISTSEARCH.  Over $2000 in cash & prizes is up for grabs to San Diego’s next big talent!!!  If you think you are up to the challenge, email HERE.  This is a great networking opportunity to mingle with other fellow artists and celebrity judges will be on hand from within the music industry.  You will be judged on 3 Criteria: 1. Stage Presence 2. Crowd Participation 3. Overall Talent.  Check footage below from last month’s event.  Your comments always welcome & mandatory, #SUPPORT Those That #SUPPORT You…See You There!!!