rings “Rings” Horror Prank Scares Customers Out Of Store

Paramount Pictures had some fun scaring the life out of some people during a “Rings” movie promotion…

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MLS New MLS Stadium Rendering Revealed

Leading the charge for this new stadium is a San Diego-based investment group that wants to buy the Qualcomm Stadium land and then transform it into a sports and entertainment center.

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black eyed peas Black Eyed Peas’ Member Secret Battle With Cancer

It wasn’t until just a few months ago that Taboo started to talk about his 2014 diagnosis with testicular cancer, but the singer decided on a fight versus flight attitude that helped him win his personal war.

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disney Disney Shows Viral Video Of Hidden Linked Pixar Movies

Let’s just say that if Disney had never shared the video, there was a good chance that no one would have ever noticed these hidden messages!

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Doppelganger Ariana Grande Has One Crazy Looking Doppelganger

Jacky Melissa Vasquez is a 20-year-old waitress from Virginia who literally became Instagram famous for her uncanny likeness of the Side to Side singer.

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chargers Chargers Get Extension For Possible Relocation

They can’t stop him, but rather can only give Spanos advice to not leave the San Diego market.

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mascot Mariah Carey Gets Parodied By NBA Mascot

During the performance, Coyote acted confused and then began tapping on the microphone as it cut out. Sound familiar, right?

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twinkies Twinkies Being Recalled For Health Risk

There were no illnesses reported to date, but concerns were brought up when the FDA tested ingredients that tested positive for Salmonella.

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Pastor Gets Backlash For Mocking Overweight Woman

When Rushing posted the video to Facebook, there were many comments lampooning Ms. Kittrell, but there were many people also questioning Mr. Rushing on why he didn’t help or if he was being a cyber bully.

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