Epic 48 2.0
epic 48 2.0

The time has finally come and our Epic48 2.0 winners are on the weekend experience of a lifetime!

Congratulations to Lauren Miranda and Ruby Godinez!!!

DAY ONE … the reveal!


Morton in the Morning and a caravan of Z90 staff, security, drivers and handlers bum-rushed our winners, Lauren Miranda and Ruby Godinez, at their Paradise Hills home!


After being whisked away, the girls arrived at SkyDive San Diego where they JUMPED OUT OF A PLANE!


After the thrill of Skydiving, it was time to relax with facials at Sente Bella Med Spa.


Then it was time for hair and makeup at BlowPop.


Lauren and Ruby looked beautiful, but their look wasn’t complete until they went Red Carpet jewelry shopping at Robbins Brothers … after all, diamonds are a girls best friend!


With fresh makeup, perfect hair, bling and their skydive behind them, the girls arrived at the USS Midway.

Oh Snap… Here comes a helicopter!

After landing on the flight deck, Fashion Blogger, Vanessa Balli, exited the helicopter with giant bags of goodies for the weekend from Bloomingdales!

GET IN, girls! We’re going for a ride… destination unknown!


Lauren and Ruby landed at a private airport in Santa Monica, then hopped in a car with no idea where they were going.

Epic 48 2.0


After arriving at the historic Capitol Records building in Hollywood, the girls were treated to a private, after hours, all-access V.I.P. tour.

During the tour, Lauren and Ruby had the opportunity to play the piano in Studio A, the same piano that has been played by artists like Alicia Keys and John Legend.

They also held Frank Sinatra’s microphone, browsed “the vault,” which holds the original, master tapes from The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Selena, and more.


With no idea where they were heading next, the girls jumped back in the car and headed west. They arrived at a private Malibu beach house – a 4-story GIANT house on the cliffs, overlooking the water!


Celebrity Chef Jen Story (you’ve seen her on Chopped), prepared a private dinner and Lauren & Ruby had a moment to relax, take the day in, and enjoy the amazing ocean view.


Bedtime… big day tomorrow!

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