We got the chance to check out the first-ever CRSSD Festival right in our neighborhood. The first Golden Voice-backed fest in our hometown went down at the brand spankin’ new Waterfront Park on Harbor Drive. (Wait…no driving out to the desert?! We like it already.)

Normally a festival’s first year is wrought with pain points—long bathroom and beer lines, garbage littering the grounds, poor sound on-stage. We were shocked that in its infant year, CRSSD ran like a well-oiled machine. Maybe all those years hosting sold-out Coachella shows have taught the organizers a thing or two about crowd control? Even though Robert DeLong’s sound dropped out during one song, they were quick to fix it (and the crowd didn’t seem to mind).

Right from the start, we felt the festival vibe, but with a distinctive San Diego feel. The festival was like a giant OB Farmer’s Market, just with better (and much bigger) musical acts. Local eateries and breweries (Bang Bang, El Dorado, etc.) served the 21-and-over crowd in between dance parties. You couldn’t take a bad picture from the show, flanked as it was by sea and cityscapes on all sides. Did we mention that the public water fountains were open for cool-off sessions in the 90-degree heat?

CRSSD Fest water fountain

We’re glad to see San Diego host an EDM-friendly festival, and hope CRSSD is here to stay.