fought over a pet
fought over a pet

During a breakup, have you ever fought over a pet? If so, this is for you!

According to The Huffington Post, Alaska just became the first state where judges are required to consider animal welfare in divorces!

It became effective on January 17th, which, “adds amendments to the state’s divorce laws that have major implications not only for animal welfare, but for the health and safety of human beings as well.”

Animals are considered “property,” in general, but that doesn’t mean the judge can regard a pet in the same way they would a couch or lamp. They actually have to take into consideration “the well-being of the animal.”

Apparently, a form of this law does exist across the U.S., however it’s up to the judges discretion whether or not they want to consider the animal’s well-being. But this new law in Alaska REQUIRES it.

The new law also protects pets in domestic violence cases! It gives new meaning to the saying “pets are like family members,” because it’s TRUE!

Makes us think WHY wouldn’t ALL of U.S. require it?!

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