With tons of scary movies to choose from and as Halloween is right around the corner, we want to know what scary movie scarred you as a kid? OR still scares you today?!

Here’s what some Z90 DJs said:


scary movie

“The original Halloween scared the hell out of me! Still my favorite movie ’til this day!”

D-Rock from Morton in the Morning:

scary movie

“Oooh the Exorcist, but when I was a kid I was even scared of the ‘Thriller’ video! Hahaha”


scary movie

“The movie that scared me as a kid was the Return of the Living Dead series! The zombies would run rather than the slow ones on ‘The Walking Dead’ and yell ‘braaaaaains’. But when I watch it now, as an adult, I laugh hysterically. There is even a Michael Jackson zombie in the movie (he was alive at the time so it wasn’t frowned upon.”


“Just. NO.”

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