Bruno Mar’s has a new song called “24K Magic,” and for the first time in over 4 years, a music video to go along with the new single.

The video is VERY reminiscent of the ’90s sooo many of us grew up in and love!

My personal favorite ’90s trends featured in the music video are:

1. Versace gold print silk blouses!

I am a Notorious B.I.G. fan, and if you were a fan, you know biggie rocked these shirts and Coogi sweaters on the regular. I have to say, these shirts are a little crazy looking, but as an ode to the late great Christopher Wallace, YESSSS!









2. Door Knockers!

We alllllll had a pair of these earrings at one point… Am I right? Wait, why am I lying, I STILL GOT A PAIR. lol








3. Track Suits!

‘Cause who doesn’t love a comfy track suit?! Trust me, if I could leave the house in sweats or a track suit daily, I would do it. But you know, people kind of expect you to look like a grown up most days… ha!



Can you spot the rest of the ’90s trends?! Tell us here!