alex rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, was on with Jimmy Kimmel and revealed why his two daughters, Tashi and Ella, face time call him multiples times a day.

He said:

We usually call at least once a day on FaceTime, now they call me three, four, five times. It’s funny because when I pick up the phone, and I could be anywhere, they call. I answer. I’m like, ‘Hi, Tashi, hi Ella,’ and I can see them. They’re like, ‘Hey Daddy,’ and they’re looking around behind me. And I’m like, ‘Hi honey, how was school? And they’re like, ‘Uh, Dad, yeah it was great. Where’s Jennifer?’ And I say, ‘Oh, no, she went to the set already, honey, she’s working.’ ‘Oh, Okay, Dad, I’ll call you later.’

Alex says his daughters are always hanging with J.Lo backstage, going to dance rehearsals, singing with her.

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