Cardi B is unfiltered.In an interview with New York Magazine Cardi B talks about feminism, fame, and her future.Cardi revealed, “Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m the prettiest, sometimes I don’t feel like I’m on top, and when I hear ‘Bodak Yellow’ again, I’m like, ‘Yeah! I’m that b–ch!'”While she may have felt insecure about her looks, she credits dancing for making her feel “powerful.”

“I get really happy when people see me perform and they’re rapping my music, but it’s a different feeling when you’re dancing and the men throwing you money because you look good. It’s just like when the rice is getting thrown at the bride.”

Cardi B was unfiltered talking about her thoughts on feminism, a label that has incited some backlash toward her in the past.”You know what? I’m not even gonna consider myself nothing. Here’s the thing that b___ got me f____ up when it comes to that word. People think that being a feminist is a b___ that, like, went to school. They wear skirts all the way to their