The amount of people that will line up for THIS will probably be insane.

The popular chip company is opening a pop-up restaurant in New York City that ONLY serves food made with Cheetos.

Some of the highlights are…

  1. Grilled cheese filled with cheese, bacon, tomatoes, and Cheetos
  2. Mac and cheese made with white cheddar and a Flamin’ Hot Chipotle Ranch Cheeto crust
  3. Tacos with chicken, veggies, and Flamin’ Hot Limón Cheetos on top
  4. Nachos that use Cheetos instead of tortilla chips
  5. Cheesecake with a Cheeto crust

The restaurant will only be open for three days, but if it goes well, they’ll probably be doing it again.

They’ll also be releasing a recipe book if you want to make the stuff yourself.