A documentary called “Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life” hit iTunes and in it Chris goes into detail about the night he beat up Rihanna, eight years ago.

He claims they were BOTH violent toward each other around that time, and while he says it was WRONG, he doesn’t really show a lot of remorse.

Instead, he frames it more like they’d get physical and then they’d step back and say, “What are we doing?”

He says that Rihanna would scratch him during a fight, and he’d hate to have to come up with excuses for it.  And he’d feel bad if she had a “scar or a bruise” that she’d have to explain.

To be fair, he does say the violence was “never okay,” and he says he was momentarily horrified after he saw what he did to her face on that fateful night.

What are your thoughts about the way he described it…let me know here!