Daniel Radcliffe is willing to talk about almost anything in interviews, but there’s one thing he’d prefer NOT to be asked.

And it has nothing to do with “Harry Potter”. He doesn’t like to talk about how “hard” it is to be an actor.

He said, “No one wants to hear actors talk about how hard shoots are…[it’s] one of my pet peeves. I think the classic example of it is always boxing movies. And the actor is talking about how intense it is to train and all that stuff, but, you know, people are boxers. Boxers exist. It’s not a thing that makes ourselves [effing] special. I want to be careful with [stuff like] that.”

In his upcoming movie “Jungle”, Daniel plays a guy stranded in the Amazon without a knife, a map, or any kind of survival training.

Daniel said he feels weird talking about the lengths he went to in bringing the character to life, because he was going home and staying in a hotel every night, whereas the guy he was playing actually LIVED it.

I feel like I want to applaud Daniel Radcliffe for just speaking the TRUTH! Thank you!