Andrew Milburn works at Leeds General Infirmary in England, and because of this snapchat he sent his girlfriend – people are freaking out saying that he captured an image of a ghost!

According to, Andrew says that his girlfriend had asked him to prove he was at work, and so he did by sending her a Snapchat of the corridor and a ghost just on her way to play with the switchboards… although he says he didn’t know about the ghost bit at the time. It has been shared thousands of times on Facebook, and even made its way across the Atlantic.

Apparently this photo has put the jeepers creepers right up some of the hospital employees. They are now scared of going to the toilet, even though the room the ghost is seen entering is where the switchboards are. Andrew says that other employees have also reported hearing footsteps at that exact spot, despite there being nobody there when they hear them.

There are of course lots of people shouting Photoshop and claiming that this has to be fake because ghosts don’t exist, but Andrew denies any foolery.