There were definitely a few stunning looks, but it’s way more fun to look at who completely missed the mark last night!

Starting with good (according to Sarah):

No one even compared to how stunning, classy & flawless Amal Alamuddin looked last night. The only thing that made her outfit better was having George Clooney as her accessory!

I was totally caught off guard when I saw how absolutely beautiful Uma Thermon looked! It’s been a while since she had such a “moment” on the red carpet & I loved it!

And Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley made me stop and stare and her perfect look from head to toe…perfection!

And now the bad:

This one is going down in history…did Rihanna steal the curtains out of her hotel room to make this horrific dress?!

Style icon Sarah Jessica Parker was such a let down! This avant garde headpiece is definitely a distraction, but not the kind she was going for!

And sorry Katy Perry but none of this works. The dress, the hair, the tacky gloves, the heavy make up – everything went wrong for this look!

And I have to throw in a honorable mention for “Worst Dressed” to Solange Knowles. Sorry Beyonce, your little sister definitley made more heads turn than you last night, though it left us wanting to cover our eyes it was such a nightmare!