I was lucky enough to see a secret premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and it’s BEYOND AMAZING. I highly recommend everyone go see it, even if they aren’t fans of the franchise, because no one can escape the Force…

If you live under a rock, you may not know the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie premieres this week and it has taken over EVERYTHING.

It got me thinking… What was once a staple in the nerd world, has now become so mainstream, every one is talking about it!

Maybe it’s because Disney took over, maybe it’s because it crosses generations, or maybe it’s really because people enjoy the films, we don’t know. But what I do know, is that these big companies want to be apart of the scene…

Forever 21 has introduced their own Star Wars line.

Michaels’ has their own aisle with everything you need for a Star Wars-themed party.

Target has boasted that their store is “Star Wars Headquarters”

The Apple Store sells a working replica of the BB-8 that you can control via an app!

Even Twitter has hoped on the bandwagon, adding their own Star Wars emojis after every movie-related hashtag.

I wonder if all this stuff will be for sale in the new “Star Wars Land” they’re building at Disneyland in Anaheim?

Whether the movie ends up being the best yet or a total flop, it has completely taken over everything we talk about.

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