We’re so excited to check out Halloween at Disneyland this year! But some of us may be a little disappointed when our favorite rides are shut down…

Don’t fret though, it’s all for a good cause!

According to the OC Register, some of our favorite rides will be shut down for one year to make room for the new 14 acre Star Wars themed-land! This will include Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Fantasmic! and almost everything along the Rivers of America.

Some attractions are even going to be permanently gone as of January 10th! Including everything in Big Thunder Ranch, which houses a couple restaurants and a petting zoo.


All in all, it’s not so terrible. Most of us tend to forget about these parts of the theme park anyway, and what they have in store for us seems pretty legit.

Below are Disney’s ambitious goals for their new Star Wars land. Check them out, and tell us what you think of the ride closures on Facebook!