O.J. Simpson

A picture of O.J. Simpson signing memorabilia in a private hotel room in Las Vegas has surfaced.

He was seen signing Buffalo Bills and USC football helmets.

He spent two hours doing it, but no word where the stuff will end up.

But here’s the issue with this…O.J. still owes $100 million to the Brown and Goldman families. They won $33.5 million from him in their civil wrongful death lawsuit, and there’s been 22 years of interest.

So if O.J. were to claim this income, they can take it. But if he does this under the table, he’s breaking the law and could be sent back to prison.

But even if that isn’t the case, remember when O.J.’s attorney said, “Mr. Simpson has no desire to conduct any interviews with the media, and certainly has no desire to solicit an interview for monetary gain.”

Well, he’s signing autographs now and we may not be too far from an interview next.

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