When reading this article from Simplemost.com, we thought this was a joke. Unfortunately, it’s true.

As you probably already know, the growth of the “selfie” has skyrocketed in recent years. With that, people are going to extremes to take the ultimate selfie. Now, year-to-date more people have died taking selfies than from shark attacks.

There was news this week of a Japanese tourist who died from falling down the stairs while trying to take a selfie at the Taj Mahal. His travel partner was also injured.

According to Mashable, that puts the death toll this year to 12. Shark attacks, 8.

Sadly, this is totally true. People become unaware of their surroundings while focusing on their phone screen. Most selfie deaths are caused from falling.

Even parks have been closing off areas with bear sitings due to tourists trying to take selfies with bears. That’s right… BEARS.

Many famous landmarks are doing their part by banning selfie sticks, but still people have to get that perfect shot of themselves. Russia’s Interior Ministry even went as far as releasing a pamphlet to urge selfie-takers to take precaution.

So please, be careful when taking your selfie. No amount of ‘likes’ is worth your life!