Us locals already know why San Diego is the greatest city in the world, but some people may need convincing.

We stumbled across this list from Thrillist and we thought it would be perfect to share to those non-believers.

So take a look below and be proud to live in America’s Finest City! (We’re so lucky!)

A beer lover’s heaven

Who doesn’t love beer?! You couldn’t pick a better place to be in than good ol’ San Diego. Our craft beer scene is booming and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Cheers to that!


The weather is beyond impeccable

Practically every day in San Diego is beyond perfect. It’s like summer all year long. We even conveniently cram the few cloudy days we do have into a single month. May can be a little gloomy, but the clouds typically burn off by noon, and nobody’s awake before then anyhow. Because they’ve been out partying. Because it was so nice outside!

Mexico is just a day trip

We don’t have to travel far for a taste of Latin flavor. A quick trip across the border promises plenty of culture, plus all the tacos and tequila you can handle.


Punctuality is merely a suggestion

Running late? Don’t sweat it. It is perfectly acceptable to be 15 minutes late to any engagement in this city. Chances are that nobody will even notice because they’re going to be later than you are. In fact, they probably haven’t even left the house yet.

Fish taco heaven

Everyone loves tacos, and fish tacos are the unofficial official food of SD. Every place has its own particular spin when it comes to ingredients, but you can reliably inhale a transcendent fish taco on just about every corner in town.

Photo: Natalie Holt/Thrillist

“We’re really, really ridiculously good looking.”

Despite our diets consisting of mainly beer and tacos, San Diego is still home to some of the best-looking humans in the USA. Must be all that sunshine and fresh air — and all that pressure to keep up.

You can surf and snowboard in the same day

San Diego is in a prime location for outdoor enthusiasts. If you time it just right you can have a morning surf at the beach and an afternoon shred sesh in Big Bear all in the same day.

Photo: OC Weekly

There’s a steady flow of new blood

This is the place to be if you’re a people person. There is always a fresh batch of tourists, students, and transplants to make friends with.

We have Balboa Park.

Right in the middle of the city we have a massive historical oasis full of culture, hiking and biking trails, one of the best zoos on the planet, festivals, and performers.

Photo: Sunland Resorts

Vacation is every day

Since San Diego attracts so many tourists, living here is like being on a vacation every day. We have gorgeous beaches, mountains to hike on, and there is always a festival, party, or event going on somewhere in town.

The surfing even benefits non-surfers

You can surf year-round at some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Even if you don’t surf, no man or woman is going to complain about the countless good-looking surfers running around here.

Photo: Anthony Ghiglia

Day drinking is beyond acceptable

Getting your buzz on during the day is not only accepted, it’s encouraged pretty much anywhere you go. From early-morning happy hour deals and brunch specials to taco Tuesdays that invariably turn into hair-of-the-dog Wednesdays; you can find a reason to get your day drinking on all over town.

We have the real Comic-Con

You don’t have to be a nerd to know that Comic-Con is an experience of a lifetime. Every year the event transforms downtown into a spectacle of cosplay, celebrities, and over-the-top attractions.

Photo: TGDaily

You can’t get California burritos everywhere in California

They’re called “California burritos,” but they should really be called San Diego burritos. You can find these on just about every corner in this city along with those fish tacos I was talking about. There is some debate on where this burrito full of French fries, carne asada, cheese, guac, salsa, and sour cream actually originated, (Albuquerque? WHAT?) but every San Diegan knows the truth.

Our zoo is famous

The San Diego Zoo is one of the best in the entire world and at 100 acres, it’s also one of the largest. It houses over 3,700 animals including rare and endangered species, plus more than 700,000 exotic plants. That is a lot of plants!

Photo: San Diego Zoo

Real shoes are never necessary

It doesn’t matter if you’re at the local bar or a wedding; if you MUST wear shoes, flip-flops are always an acceptable form of footwear.


There you have it, reasons why everyone should be jealous that we call America’s Finest City our home.
Thanks Thrillist for reminding us how lucky we really are!