Subway just came up with one of the strangest-coolest ways to catch a theif; spraying glow in the dark DNA on them when they try to escape! Here’s how it works:
“The Intruder Security System sits above the door of the store. In the event of a robbery or violent crime, something (it’s unclear exactly what) tips off the mechanism and releases a spray of traceable DNA onto the offender. Each store gets its own unique DNA spray.

That person is then marked, like Hester Prynne, and will glow when exposed to black light. A shower won’t get the stuff off, either; the DNA stays on the person for seven weeks. And that, in a nutshell, is the innovative, possibly suggestive new way Subway is protecting itself from robberies. By releasing a stream of DNA onto a person and then looking for traces of it with a black light.”

So far this is being tested out at a Subway in Tennessee, but will most likely be installed in the majority of stores nationwide.