I LOVE going out to the bars with my girlfriends…you can find me at any PB bar on the weekends.

But…if you’ve ever noticed sometimes it’s impossible to talk to someone over the REALLY loud music playing. If I’m in the mood to dance..then it’s perfect, but if I’m just chatting…it’s impossible.

So, WHY do bars play their music WAY TOO loud?

Someone came across a study that looked at how loud music affects alcohol consumption.

Researchers went to bars where the music was either played at 72 decibels, or 88 decibels.

At 88, people drank 31% more, and also drank faster.

Apparently it happens for two reasons: The added stimulation gets your adrenaline going, so you drink faster. Other studies have found the same thing happens with food.

And the other reason is it’s just harder to have a conversation when there’s loud music in the background. So you end up talking less, and drinking more.

Okay…well now I know it’s all calculated haha!