Seventeen and The International Business Times are highlighting a new app that allows your friends to virtually walk you home.

It’s called “Companion” and was created by 5 students at the University of Michigan who were spooked by so many crime alerts on campus and wanted to help students stay safe.

Here are some of Companion’s highlights:

  • Enter your location and your destination, select a friend to be a “companion.” 
  • That friend can see your location as you walk home in real time.
  • The app can detect if you wander off your path, suddenly start running, or your headphones get pulled out; If that happens, the app will send out an alert. 
  • If you don’t respond to the app’s check-in alerts within 15 seconds, your “companion” will be notified and your phone will start making loud noises. 
  • You can hit an “I am nervous” button to report where you feel unsafe to campus safety officials, or just tap a button to call the police.

—> Available iPhone & Android