Shane had his first hockey lesson and I found myself almost becoming “that” mom I promised myself I’d never be – the one who yells at the coach from the bench and complains to his superiors.

It was a free intro-trial for first time skaters & little kids. At 3-years-old, he was the youngest of the 8 kids on the ice with him, but clearly the only one who really qualified as being a “beginner.”

At first, the 18-year-old “coaches” switched back & forth helping him learn his way. But 20 minutes later it was like they’d forgotten about him. They were more interested in passing the puck with the other 8 kids then teaching Shane how to skate or involving him at all.

They ended up just letting him sit on the ice and struggle to stand up!

During the 40 minutes left on the ice, the coaches moved on to only playing with each other and ignored all of the kids. It was obvious Shane was physically exhausted from his continuing struggle to skate, but he never gave up – it was the coaches who gave up on him.

I wanted to rip their heads off in the end for completely ignoring the purpose of their job – to teach and HELP new players the introductory basics of the sport. I wanted to run to the office of their supervisors and demand that they be scolded for missing this critical point of their job. But because that first time lesson was free, I bit my tongue and stormed out before causing a scene I promised myself I’d never create…though I now question if deep down I am “that mom-ster” who won’t hold back next time it happens…?