If you haven’t finalized your holiday travel plans just yet, better hurry! This week is the best time to book holiday flights! According to SkyScanner, August 10th through August 16th is the best time is the best time to book your travel for the end of the year, namely Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve.

“Skyscanner determined this by analyzing 2014 purchasing patterns, observing that tickets purchased during this week last year resulted in savings of 5.5 percent for Thanksgiving week, 19 percent for Christmas time, and 15 percent for New Year’s Eve. All of which are not too shabby considering what a money-suck air travel can be—​especially for procrastinators.”

So you better start planning your trips for the holidays! Be ready to book your flight because flight prices may start going up as early as tomorrow.

Thanks to Marie Claire for the heads up!