Stranger Things star, Winona Ryder, reveals in her biography that she was bullied back in middle school for having short hair and wearing boys’ clothes.

She said, “I was wearing an old Salvation Army shop boy’s suit. As I went to the bathroom I heard people saying, ‘Hey, [gay slur].’ They slammed my head into a locker. I fell to the ground and they started to kick the [heck] out of me. I had to have stitches.”

Winona didn’t get any revenge at the time…but she said she eventually got back at one of the girls.

She said, “Years later, I went to a coffee shop and I ran into one of the girls who’d kicked me, and she said, ‘Winona, Winona, can I have your autograph?’ And I said, ‘Do you remember me? Remember in seventh grade you beat up that kid?’ And she said, ‘Kind of.’ And I said, ‘That was me.  Go [eff] yourself.'”

In a different interview, she said she thought the bullying would end after she was cast in “Beetlejuice”, but it actually got WORSE, because they started calling her a “witch.”

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