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Reppin for Radioheadz Music Group, Tino Cochino has been doing his thing not only in radio but the music game for some time now.  Check out the visual to his latest single “On My Mind” ft. MC Magic & Adrian Crush.  Your comments always welcome & mandatory…#SUPPORT Those That #SUPPORT You…Enjoy!!!

Love Dollhouse interview with Tre

Love Dollhouse drops by Jammin’ Z90 to talk with me, Tre about music, having the support of Russell Simmons and Steve Rifkind, and more!


Jennifer Lopez wants who to play her in future movie?

jlo selena

Who would you want to play YOU in a movie about YOU?  I’d love it if Beyoncé would play me, even though my life hasn’t been half as exciting as Bey’s has.  Jennifer Lopez knows exactly who she’d want to play her… Selena Gomez!  She told Newsday,

“I would want Selena Gomez to play me in a movie.  She’s a cutie.”

Indeed she is.  I can totally see that!  So… Who would play YOU?

While you’re here, check out J. Lo’s new video for “First Love”.

Jay Z & Beyonce put celebrities on blast!


Power couple, Jay Z and Beyoncé kicked off their On The Run Tour last week, and started the show off by showing celebrity mug shots on the big screen, while Jay Z performed “Izzo”.  You’ll see legendary couple Bonnie & Clyde’s mug shot morphed into Jay Z and Beyoncé, along with pictures of celebrities like Ironman (Robert Downey Jr.), Tupac, Rick Ross, Bill Gates, Diddy, and even Justin Bieber made an appearance.  Check out the video below.

Also, check out J and B showing personal home videos, including footage from their very private wedding HERE.

Find out which other celebrities will make an appearance at the On The Run Tour by getting yourself some tickets!  Text “Jay Z” to 33903 or enter to win tickets HERE.

Hot Shot artists in one mix from Tha Kid Reckless

Listen to Z90′s live mix from Groove Zone DJ’s Tha Kid Reckless. This Saturday at The House of Blues in downtown San Diego, get ready for Z90′s Hot Shots Live featuring Tinashe, Becky G and Z90′s Hot Shot Winners Snow Tha Product, Domi Young, Christian Llerena, Eleve, Talentd & Karma and Cals.

Find out more about Hot Shots Live.


Out of control elevator rises 30 stories in 15 seconds!

This man was in the middle of a living nightmare as the elevator he was in malfunctioned & began to rise before the doors were shut! After the elevator crashed into the roof of this building in Chile, the man was left with serious head & leg injuries.

Why you should NEVER take a selfie while driving!

These woman had a lucky escape after their attempt to record a selfie almost turned into tragedy. Luckily these woman only suffered minor injuries in what turned out to be a serious life lesson.

13 cool things your iPhone will do this fall

1. Healthkit

Apple has created a new API called Healthkit. Developers will be able to link applications to a central database of your personal health data. more at gizmodo

2. New Camera Features

Apple seems to be beefing up the camera software quite a bit. For users, iOS 8 will add Time Lapse photography, which is pretty cool. more at gizmodo

3. Continuity

Continuity is one of the most exciting things in iOS and OS X. It is a group of technologies that seamlessly integrates both Macs and iOS devices: like Airdrop, Handoff and sending texts & calls to your mac. more at gizmodo

4. New notifications

At last, the new iOS 8 provides with a way to answer notifications without having to leave your app. You can also do the same from the lock screen, without having to unlock your phone. more at gizmodo

5. Accessing People

You can access people by double tapping on the home button. The most contacted people will pop as a line of icons. Clicking on one face will give you access to all the forms of communication available. more at gizmodo

6. Enhanced mail

The new mail has a variety of enhancements, but the best is the gesture based message manipulation. more at gizmodo

7. Spotlight

It’s currently accessible from the lock screen and everywhere in iOS with a downward swipe – but also now offers you suggestions of things that are not stored in your device. more at gizmodo

9. Keyboard Enhancements

Apple claims that the new engine learns how you write. It’s so sensitive that it knows who you are talking with and adjusts the suggestions accordingly. more at gizmodo

10. iMessages

You can send audio and video messages in the new iMessages. Like SnapChat, the messages self-destruct. But unlike SnapChat, you can select not to destroy the messages and they take a long time. more at gizmodo

11. iCloud Drive

A third-party application like Sketchbook will be able to save changes to documents automatically to your cloud. more at gizmodo

12. Extensions

This is, by far, the best feature of iOS: Like in OS X, Apple is now allowing app developers to provide extensions for iOS. more at gizmodo

13. Metal: New 3D engine for iOS

Apple is claiming that their new Metal graphics engine offers ten times the performance of their previous 3D rendering engine, which apparently is really impressive. more at gizmodo


The update will be available “in the fall.”

The secret to Pharrell-produced music

Once you know this signature Pharrell move, you’ll always be listening for it. Check out what he does to make his music so amazing.

Maybe you’ve noticed it.  The signature sound Pharrell adds to any music he touches.
From now on, you’ll be looking for it.  It’s the intro.  Every Pharrell (or Neptunes) produced song has a four-count intro.  Check out the montage below of some songs and you’ll understand.

Trailer for the Jay Z & Will Smith produced “Annie” remake

It’s here.  The trailer for the new “Annie” remake.  It hasn’t been getting very good reviews, but I think it looks amazing!  It has a modern day spin on it, with actors Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz, and many other actors you’ll recognize.  What do you think? Check out the trailer below.

Meet Baby Jose

Hello, my name is Jose and I’m 3 years old. I was born premature at 28 weeks; with a heart disease called Truncus Arteriosis and chronic lung disease. Due to my condition I was on a ventilator for 1 year and 5 months. I’ve had many procedures since my birth; 4 heart surgeries, including open heart surgery and a tracheostomy. After finally getting off the ventilator, my feeding tube and being in the hospital for 2 years and 4 months I was finally able to go home for the first time! And finally exploring the world due to my health conditions. In January 2014 after finally being home with my family I was diagnosed with a malignant tumor “liver cancer”. Since then I’ve been getting treated with chemo every week, unfortunately the chemo is not killing the cancer and I’m in the hospital most of the time. I need a liver transplant in the near future which will be done in UCLA.

The reason my loved ones and I are trying to raise money is because my medications are very expensive, also my mommy is a single mother trying to make ends meet, so her driving back and forth to my appointments and to visit me as often as she could is expensive as well. I am asking for your HELP & SUPPORT to help my family and loved ones take me to UCLA to get my transplant and help them pay for my medical bills. I would be highly grateful. 
This being said, although I have not lived a normal life of the average 3 year old, I continue to have a smile on my face and I am comforted with the thought of knowing that I’m very blessed to have so many good people that love me and are keeping me in there prayers and are with me and reminding me that I am not fighting this battle on my own!

Thank you and God Bless

Jose A Vazquez

Click here to donate anything you can