19 ways

The title says it all… I could write an extremely long intro discussing the struggles of attraction, and how science came up with these theories but, you and I both know you ain’t get time for all of that.

So, let’s get to the point: here are 19 ways, backed by science, where men can appear more attractive to women according to Business Insider:

19 ways

1) Look for universal signs of flirtation

If she’s smiling, lifting her eyebrows, frequently looking away, giggling or tilting her head down at you…she’s probably in to you bro.

2) Find women in your league

Not sure if I whole heartedly agree with this but, apparently both sexes are attracted to people who are as attractive as they are. So essentially, if you’re butt ugly find someone who is butt ugly like you. (I don’t agree with you, science! Just saying…)

3) Make your status look high

Don’t look like a loser. Look like someone who has their sh*t together.

4) Look older

There’s a reason why George Clooney is my man crush 😉

5) Grow a light beard

Heavy stubble beards show great masculinity. Think about that next time you use your razor.

6) Have muscles BUT don’t be jacked

According to science, women like men who are really muscular for short term relationships and less muscular men for long term relationships…ALL HAIL THE DAD BOD.

7) Be kind

Don’t be a d*ck.

8) Wear red

I guess men who wear red t-shirts attract more women. Thank you, science!

9) Be funny, looks will only get you so far

Telling a funny joke or just having a humorous personality in general makes men look more attractive and intelligent…DOUBLE RAINBOW.

10) Walk a dog

It shows women that you’re capable of making long term commitments.

11) Play good music

Men who enjoy complex music (no clue what that means) or carry a guitar case around attract more women.

12) Practice mindfulness

Women like men who aren’t afraid to describe their feelings.

13) Play extreme sports (carefully)

Just say you like to snowboard and skydive or any risky behavior, but you don’t necessarily have to do it with them.

14) Wear scented deodorant

I’ve been saying this for years. When you smell good, you feel good, and women notice that.

15) Eat garlic

Good thing I love garlic! Apparently women love a man’s body odor after they’ve eaten some garlic. Again, THANK YOU SCIENCE!

16) Do volunteer work

Shows compassion.

17) Show off your scars

Only works for short term relationships.

18) Show open body language on your Tinder/Bumble/POF/EHarmony profile pic

It seems that women find it more attractive when men are holding their arms upward in a V shape, making it look like they’re reaching for something as opposed to crossing their arms or hunching their shoulders.

19) Look proud

Again when you feel good it shows.