He’s been known as “Ron Burgandy,””Chaz Michael Michaels,” “Ricky Bobby,” and “Frank the Tank” (to name a few). Now you can add, “The Cactus Rose” and “Mr. Clutch” to that list. A name given to him by fellow baseball players. Some of you were lucky enough to see Will Ferrell accept his Major League Baseball (MLB) Hall of Fame plaque at Petco Park, in San Diego on Saturday evening. For those of you who did not attend the awesomeness, check out the clip from his Hall of Fame acceptance speech below.

According to MLB.com, Ferrell was traded nine times in 12 hours, and played 10 positions for 10 MLB teams during five games, in one day. This tremendous act won him a place in the MLB Hall of Fame. He was presented with his plaque and commemorative jersey by Baseball Hall of Fame president, Jeff Idleson. Ferrell gave an amazing speech before introducing the Petco Park crowd to his documentary, “Ferrell Takes the Field,” a joint venture between HBO, Funny or Die, and Major League Baseball, which premieres on HBO on Saturday, Sept. 12 at 10 ET.