Unless you’re living under a rock, you heard the news that Beyoncé is pregnant and expecting twins, some are wondering if her Coachella performance this year will be cancelled?

We’re sure this has crossed the minds of Coachella organizers, who were unaware of her pregnancy, and now might be seeing her headlining gig a little problematic.

With Coachella slated for April and Beyonce’s recent announcement, the singer would be roughly 4 to 5 months along in her pregnancy, again creating concern for organizers.

Some believe the show will go on and the running joke is that Beyonce will use Dave Grohl’s big chair, the same one that he used when he broke his foot.

Honestly, that wouldn’t be a bad idea!

If anything, we’re sure Beyonce’s got something up her sleeves.

What do you think? Will the show go on or will she cancel her performance? Share your thoughts with us on here.