Beyonce just had an epic weekend during a recent stop for the ‘Made In America Festival.’

If you’ve ever been to a Beyonce show lately, then you would know how much “girl power” she celebrates in her music and at shows, making it epic in itself. When it came to spotlighting strong females, novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie enjoyed being the first to be spotlighted by Beyonce in her song “***Flawless.”

This past weekend’s show also carried on a similar theme, but was taken to another level and the crowd went crazy!

MMA fighter Ronda Rousey was the next to be spotlighted at Beyonce’s show. It was right before she performed her 2009 jam ‘Diva’ that Beyonce used Rousey’s infamous “do-nothing bitch” speech.

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Credit: Jeff Haynes/Reuters; Bret Hartman/Washington Post

That speech came from a UFC Vlog series where Ronda was being interviewed and had described what a “DNB” was.

“I have this one term for the kind of woman that my mother raised me to not be and I call it a ‘do-nothin’ b—-,” she said. “Or I call it a DNB a lot of the time. The kinda chick that just tries to be pretty and be taken care of by somebody else. That’s why I think it’s hilarious — when people say my body looks masculine or something like that, I’m just like ‘listen, just because my body was developed for a purpose other than [having sex with] millionaires doesn’t mean it’s masculine. I think it’s femininely bada– as f— because there’s not a single muscle in my body that isn’t for a purpose because I’m not a do-nothin’ b—-.’”

So, what was the point of the speech? Hmm, maybe a reminder to be femininely bad ass.”

UFC President Dana White tweeted a video of the performance and then it looked like Rousey gave her stamp of approval with her own Instagram post for Beyonce!


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