Get ready for some cool ice cream treats that are coming to Convoy Street in Kearny Mesa.

According to Eater, this popular Santa Ana sensation is making its way to San Diego and some big crowds could be coming along the way.

If you’re familiar with this eatery, then you’ll know how big of a deal this place has become when customers have taken to social media to document many of their made to order liquid nitrogen ice cream concoctions that are hand-molded into various flower shapes and then Instagrammed many times over.

Yup, it’s another form of “cool” that you might want to check out and luckily you won’t have to wait too long since the planned opening is right around the corner in the Spring of 2018.

If you know where Raki Raki and Crab Hut is on Convoy, then you’ll be finding Cauldron soon enough.

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