The NFL has announced that Dean Spanos has been given two more days to decide whether or not he will locate the Chargers to Los Angeles or keep the team in San Diego.

The decision for the Spanos’ extension came during the recent owner’s meeting in New York City while they were discussing stadium issues for San Diego and Oakland.

The original deadline was Sunday, January 15 but a league spokesperson said they extended the deadline for Tuesday, considering this was a playoff weekend and Monday is a federal holiday for Martin Luther King Jr.

What does this basically mean?

According to Deadspin, Spanos can exercise his option to leave for his shared stadium Los Angeles Rams deal without getting any approval from the NFL commissioner or fellow owners.

They can’t stop him, and can only give Spanos advice to not leave the San Diego market.

The other option would be for Spanos to elect to stay in San Diego, to work with city officials for a possible stadium solution with hopes of obtaining monies and support from the NFL and it’s owners for stadium upgrades etc.

Either way, we should be getting some answers to this Chargers saga.

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