cheetos-filled quesadillas
cheetos-filled quesadillas

Taco Bell is getting a little adventurous with a new menu item. But, do you think it’s too adventurous?

That item is the new Cheetos-filled Quesadillas.

Let’s take a moment for reflection…long pause…long pause…alrighty then:

This is something that you will either love or hate.

Let’s be real. Remember the Doritos Locos Tacos? Yes, the taco with the crunchy Doritos taco shell? Or what about the Fritos Taco? Hey, they’re really not that bad and the Doritos Taco is still on the menu to this day!

Now, think about ordering cheese-filled quesadillas with spicy jalapeño Cheetos surrounded by a warm tortilla.

Doesn’t this just make you want to rush out and grab one?

Well, not so fast… since Taco Bell’s new Cheetos-filled quesadilla concoction is only available in the Philippines for a limited time. Aw, shucks. Emoji, sad face.

Here’s a thought, make a quesadilla at home and throw some Cheetos in it!?

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cheetos-filled quesadillas