coachella 2018

Coachella 2018 lineup is here and there seems to be a toss up of emotions and comments about this year’s performers.

Beyoncé was a no-brainer, since she missed last year’s show due to her pregnancy, making good on her promise to return.

What can you say about Eminem? He’s a legend in the minds of many who folks are excited to see his return to music. I’m pretty sure he’s got “non-fans” who are raising an eyebrow since he was announced to perform.

When it comes to the Weeknd, I’m going to be biased because he’s great in concert and I wouldn’t mind seeing him at Coachella.

There’s also the additions of Cardi B. and Migos, who some seem to call the overall lineup boring, sucks, and even dismal?

Question is, what do YOU think about this year’s lineup?

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coachella 2018
coachella 2018

Here is the full Coachella 2018 lineup:

coachella 2018 lineup