A local favorite in La Jolla just closed its doors after 45 years.

Now, if you’ve ever hung out at La Jolla Shores beach or the park and needed something quick to eat, Jeff’s Burgers probably was one of those spots that you ended up at to grab some burgers and fries.

After all those years, more than likely you might have been there once or twice like myself or possibly might have been one of their regular customers.

It makes me sad to see a mom and pop shop close its door after all these years especially when you stumble on the news by accidentally ending up on their website. I personally had no clue.

Apparently, there was a message their site saying they were closing and officially closed their doors this past Sunday the 29th.

The owner’s of the restaurant had cited the closing due to “building ownership.”

With the sudden closing, Jeff’s Burgers is also taking donations to help the families of longtime employees who have worked there for almost 20 years.

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