Earlier this year, Jennifer Lopez had announced a plan for a Las Vegas residency.

Fan reaction had been great with many anticipating what the name of her show would be called?


The name of her show and residency is a reflection of her 2002 hit single, ‘All I have.’

“I know no matter what the show is, or what I’m going to do, every single night… I will be giving you all I have,” the flawless 46-year-old told fans.

If you’re planning on starting off your 2016 right, then you might want to plan ahead for a trip to Las Vegas and Planet Hollywood to see one of your favorite artists.

Her residency is planned to kick off January 20, 2016.

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With that residency around the corner, J Lo will probably be working on some new music for the show since she’s been recently working with Spanish singer Alvaro Soler and has been rumored to be working in the studio with Missy Elliot and Ne-yo!

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