Is it me or has Khloe Kardashian started to look a bit more like her sister Kim?

khloe 3

Steven Gomillion for Complex

If you happened to watch recent episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians, you’ve probably also noticed a gradual change in Khloe’s look and style. The most obvious is her dedication to her work out plan, and she’s looking pretty hot!

Complex magazine features her in their August/September issue, with even more pictures of the transformed Khloe.

Khloe mentions, “I don’t know if I’m ever gonna feel like, ‘Daaamn, you look good,'” she told the mag about her body image. “But I’ve never felt as comfortable in my own skin than I do now.”

It’s time for you to be the judge. Check out more pictures of the new improved Khloe Kardashian below.

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Steven Gomillion for Complex

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Steven Gomillion for Complex

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Steven Gomillion for Complex