Sad news for a San Diego man who won millions in a California Lottery game called “Lucky Life” in 2014.

It was just recently reported that this millionaire passed away before getting a chance to enjoy his winnings.

Kevin Boson was a retired truck driver from La Mesa and had purchased the winning scratcher ticket from a 7-11 location off of University Ave. in San Diego.

Boson had won a jackpot of $3.25 million dollars!

He had initially told lottery officials that he wanted to take an “annuity” option and spread his winnings over the next several decades to pay off a car and buy a new house.

Prior to passing away from heart and liver failure, Boson ultimately chose a lump sum of 1.6 millions dollars, but didn’t get a chance to live out his millionaire dreams.

Rest in peace, David!

To see more about this story and find out what’s happening now with his winnings, check out NBC 7.

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