A Kansas City pastor is getting a lot of backlash for a video that he posted of an overweight woman being towed by a pickup truck.

According to Daily Mail, the woman, Becky Kittrell, was riding on her mobility scooter when it had broken down on a freezing Kansas City day.

Ms. Kittrell was freezing when she was spotted by a good samaritan who eventually towed her back to her home.

It was during that time when the pastor, Lamond Rushing, spotted Ms. Kittrell and began filming and saying in the video, “Only in Kansas City, Only in Kansas City, Do ya’ll see this right here?”

When Rushing posted the video to Facebook, there were many comments lampooning Ms. Kittrell, but there were many people also questioning Mr. Rushing on why he didn’t help, or if he was being a cyber bully.

Mr. Rushing was contacted by local news outlets where he apologized and had said that his intentions were to never to bring harm to Ms. Kittrell, but rather point out that he had never had seen anything like that before.

Through all the attention, the pastor is asking for people’s forgiveness.

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