If you were reading the headline and thinking, “Wait, what?  Why is he making money off that song?”  Exactly!

In this post Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams “Blurred Lines” world, both artists were ordered to pay roughly 7.4 million for copyright infringement.  Guess what!  It seems like no one is taking chances now!

In the beginning, before Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ song was ever released to the public, there was talks about who would receive credit for publishing and music royalties etc.  Enter Billboard who began to shed some light on a growing credit list.

The original four were Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars, Phillip Martin Lawrence, and Jeffery Basker.  Soon, there were two more additions to this list and included rapper Trinidad James (Nicolas Williams) and producer Devon Gallaspy of Trinidad’s song “All Gold Everything.”  Both of these authors a receiving a share for a sampling interpolation according to Vulture.

Ronson, Mars, Lawrence, and Basker did not hesitate to reach out to Trinidad and his producer.  Safe than sorry, right?

Wait!  This is about to get more interesting.  Enter, the Gap Band who also settled with Ronson and Mars’ camp for the sample of the Gap Band’s 1979 Hit “Oops Upside Your Head” for about a 17% share of Uptown Funk’s success.  This is just one portion too!

So, how much is Trinidad James making out of all of this?  Rough estimate…$50,000 and he didn’t even sing, rap or be featured in Uptown Funk.  Yeah, wouldn’t mind that either!

You want a better break down…

uptown funk


Billboard estimates that, to date, “Uptown Funk” has made about $840,000 in publishing revenue, so here’s how much everyone involved has currently made off the song:

  • Bhasker/SonyATV: $142,800
  • Gallaspy/SonyATV: $63,000
  • Ronson/Imagem: $142,800
  • Gap Band/Minder: $142,800
  • Lawrence: $142,800
  • Trinidad James/Trinlanta: $47,250
  • Trinidad James Record label/TIG7 Publishing: $15,750
  • Mars/Mars Force Music/BMG Chrysalis: $124,949
  • Mars/Northside Independent Music/Warner/Chappel Music: $17,850