Who said Mondays were boring?

This probably is going to make your Monday eyebrows raise for a second!

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 4.29.29 PM


credit: National Geographic

One thing that usually creeps people out are rats!

You’ve probably seen those scary movies showing rats setting up the scene as a sign of negative things to come. Scary and plain ew!

In the past, there have been questions whether or not rats could swim, yet alone swim through your pipes in your home and eventually meet you with a smile at through your toilet.

That would be a joyful encounter right!

We came across this article from Gizmodo and video from National Geographic and the bottom line, this is interesting as heck!

Well, happy Monday and consider this a public service announcement. Next time you plan on sitting on the “throne” in your humble abode, take a look down and make sure no furry friend has come to pay you a visit.

So, if you ever thought if rats could swim up toilets, well guess what! Rats swim up toilets!

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