If you’ve been watching the show So You Think You Can Dance, then you’re no stranger to the very colorful personality of Courtney Barnes.


Let’s just say, show judge Jason Derulo isn’t a fan of Courtney’s skills.

For some very strange reason, Courtney happened to be at the right place at the right time and was a witness to a traffic accident that got Courtney back in front of the T.V. screen?

Courtney’s colorful description of the accident is probably one of the best/worst witness accounts ever.  Well, it doesn’t sound completely truthful, but does include great commentary!  How about, “The police car just twist around like a tornado, girl.”  Oh, Courtney.

Well, Courtney! You might have a better career as a news reporter than a dancer!

There’s one problem.  After the interview Courtney was arrested for an unrelated Shoplifting case.

You’re definitely in the public eye!