If you’ve been following San Diego’s and Bonita’s very own Sweetwater Valley Little League All Stars team, then you would know these kids have been their heart and soul into everything they do and now how reached the Little League World Series in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania and will be representing our community.

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One can only imagine the costs of what has to be raised to send the kids and their families to a game of a “lifetime.”

These are memories that these kids will cherish forever.

I’m sure that the parents and coaches who’ve worked hard and sacrificed so much would feel the same and also remember these moments of their kids for a very long time.

What happens when one of the sacrifices for one of the coaches is their day job? Keep in mind, he is a volunteer for the team and is also providing for his own family.

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 credit: CBS8

According to news station CBS8, dugout coach Jaime Ramirez, a volunteer coach for the team was fired from his day job Altar Produce based out of Calexico.

“Ramirez says he told Altar Produce that he would be taking some time off due to the team’s tournament and he says the company told him it was fine for him to use his vacation time to do so and that they would discuss his future duties with the company once he gets back in town…”

If true, what’s your thoughts on the situation? How would you handle this as an employer or employee?

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More importantly, good luck to the Sweetwater Valley Little League All Stars!