What’s that saying, “Love has no limits?”

Perfect example is of this touching video of a man serenading his dying wife.

This is the story of Erin Solari’s grandparents and their love has no limits.

Erin recently posted of Erin’s 92 year old grandfather singing and comforting his dying wife.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 3.01.16 PM

Since being uploaded to Facebook and then to YouTube, this touching video has gone viral and shows us that love truly has no limits and theirs has endured for many years.

Their story began almost 73 years ago, when husband and wife were married.

“This was the song my grandmother would sing when my grandfather went away to fight in World War II. It has been their love song ever since,” Solari explained.

The song which was popular in the 1940’s and 1950’s is called “You’ll never know,” but today made even more special by the couple who does show us that love has no limits!

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According to Today, since the posting of the video, Erin’s grandmother is currently still with us today and resting at home.

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