If you’re an avid San Diego traveller or have travelled recently on an air plane, you might recognize the Sky Mall magazine that you’ve often grabbed for in the seat back pocket that usually has items that you’ve seen and said, “I’ll probably never buy that, but that’s pretty cool!”  How about, “I’m going to steal this magazine and check it out later?”  Yeah, that magazine!

Sky mall has been in business for 25 years, but now has filed for bankruptcy due to declining catalog sales.

Who’s to blame?  Technology.  With new airline rules allowing cell phones and electronics to stay on during flights, wifi has taken over traveller’s attention away from Sky Mall catalogs and keeping them focused on their electronics.  Sounds about right.  My Sky Mall magazine has always doubled as a drink coaster.

Like, you were really going to buy anything anyway! =)

Your trusty travel companion could be forever gone.

What’s your thoughts?