Powerball Rises to $349 Million!

If you thought there was a winner for this past Wednesday’s Powerball drawing for $310 million, think again!

No jackpot winner was chosen on Wednesday night and now the lottery purse grows to $349 million dollars for this Saturday’s drawing!

Wednesday’s winning numbers were: 33, 5, 42, 38, 28 and the Powerball number was 19.

Wednesday’s prize has been the biggest jackpot since 20 company co-workers in Tennessee took home a combined $420.9 million right after Thanksgiving in 2016.

There hasn’t been any jackpot winners so far in 2017… Could you be the next one?

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Winning Lottery Ticket Sold In San Diego!

winning lottery ticket

Someone in San Diego could be the newest millionaire on this Thanksgiving Day!

The winning lottery ticket has 5 of 6 numbers from Wednesday night’s multi-state Powerball lottery drawing and was sold in San Diego!

What does that mean?

Even though the Powerball number was missing from the winning ticket, one San Diegan is still getting $1,512,801!

The winning ticket was sold at the 7-Eleven at 2387 Midway Drive in San Diego.

The numbers drawn on Wednesday night were 7, 32, 41, 47, 61 and the Powerball number was 3. The estimated jackpot was $359 million.

We can be even more thankful for on this Thanksgiving about the new estimated jackpot for Saturday’s drawing. It’s expected to grow to $403 million since no one had 6 out of 6 numbers for Wednesday’s drawing!

Check your tickets!

What would you do with $403 million?

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Lottery Winner Dies After Becoming Millionaire.

Sad news for a San Diego man who won millions in a California Lottery game called “Lucky Life” in 2014.

It was just recently reported that this millionaire passed away before getting a chance to enjoy his winnings.

Kevin Boson was a retired truck driver from La Mesa and had purchased the winning scratcher ticket from a 7-11 location off of University Ave. in San Diego.

Boson had won a jackpot of $3.25 million dollars!

He had initially told lottery officials that he wanted to take an “annuity” option and spread his winnings over the next several decades to pay off a car and buy a new house.

Prior to passing away from heart and liver failure, Boson ultimately chose a lump sum of 1.6 millions dollars, but didn’t get a chance to live out his millionaire dreams.

Rest in peace, David!

To see more about this story and find out what’s happening now with his winnings, check out NBC 7.

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Workers Win Powerball… For 20 Minutes?

Imagine the moment when you check your Powerball numbers and find out that YOU just won a billion dollars!

Imagine yourself winning and celebrating.

…and then finding out 20 minutes later you didn’t win at all.

That sucks. And it’s exactly what happened to a couple New Jersey restaurant workers when they thought they won the $949 million dollar jackpot, only to find out they were looking at the wrong numbers!

Apparently they were looking at last Wednesday’s drawing and compared it their Saturday ticket.

The breakdown was simply a website that had the published numbers, but failed to update the current numbers.

Major fail.

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