Price Is Right: Contestants Make History!

This has to be some insane Price Is Right history that was just made with three contestants!

We’re talking $80,000 worth of history!

The Price Is Right was celebrating Drew Carey’s 10th anniversary of hosting the show and contestants who spun $1 on the wheel this week would get a $10k bonus instead of the usual $1k.

Let’s just say that these same contestants who were lined up to spin, literally broke the bank with hitting the same mark!

Luck or chance, the moment was incredible, to say the least.

What’s even crazier is that it didn’t even stop there. They won more money!

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Shake Shack: Mission Valley Location Announced.

Shake Shack fanatics are getting ready for another San Diego surprise!

If you missed the recent news from Eater, another location has been revealed for the Mission Valley area.

This recent announcement will mark the popular burger chain’s second San Diego location with their highly anticipated UTC location to open up in just weeks on  October 12th.

This new Mission Valley restaurant will be located at The Millenium Mission Valley.

This unique location will have a freestanding building but located at this mixed-use facility that will have apartments, retail spaces, a public plaza and more.

Shake Shack Mission Valley is planned for operation by the end of 2017.

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Rat: Man And Cat Hilariously Fail.

A man and cat hilariously fail when it came to getting rid of a rat in a house.

The funny video starts off with a guy in a bathroom looking very confident that he’s going to get the job done with getting rid of his new rat friend.

One would think that this guy had a great idea of employing his cat to help with the job, but things didn’t seem to go the way of the young man, but rather the way of the rat.

Let’s just say that rat had both the man and cat running for the hills.

Check out the video and tell us if you’d be running too!

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Cough Drops: Pumpkin Spice Flavor For Limited Time.

Pumpkin Spice season is in full swing and here’s something that you probably weren’t expecting!

If you haven’t heard about these and you’re a Pumpkin Spice fanatic, then these cough drops might be just for you.

That’s right, Pumpkin Spice flavored cough drops have invaded CVS locations for those who just can’t get enough of everything Pumpkin flavored.

This unique combination of menthol and pumpkin will only be available for a limited time.

Yeah, menthol and pumpkin. Not quite sure how I feel about that!

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Chargers: Free Tacos For Every Loss.

Here’s  a deal that you might not want to pass up!

A local San Diego restaurant is giving away free tacos to San Diegans the day after every Los Angeles Chargers loss.

The restaurant owner had been a lifelong Chargers fan until finding out that the team was heading up north to Los Angeles and then decided he wanted the team to go winless.

Apparently, the owner knows what that might cost him but he’s determined to serve up the tacos when the Chargers lose a game.

Again, when the Chargers lose, you can head over to the El Pollo Grill in Bonita the day after the game and tell the cashier you want the ‘Spanos Taco.’

Once you’ve said the secret words, you’ve got a taco and a win!

What’s your thoughts on the deal?

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T-Pain: Sings Flawlessly Without Autotune.

T-Pain just proved that he doesn’t need autotune to sing on his or anyone else’s track.

Some might already know that the rapper and singer who is best known for his many autotune hit songs from 2006-2010, but many thought he could not actually sing without autotune.but if you never knew or had any doubts, this is going to change your mind!

If you ever had any doubts, watch this video.

T-Pain recently appeared on a Youtube video that has him singing a medley of his hit records without auto tune and it’s probably going to surprise some of you!

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Man Loses Engagement Ring During Proposal.

One man had the worst luck with his recent wedding proposal.

A Kansas City man, Seth Dixon, was trying to propose to his girlfriend at one of his favorite parks when the mishap happened and he lost the engagement ring during the proposal.

You can only feel for the guy as the incident was captured while cameras were rolling during the whole ordeal.

Just watching the video and hearing the ring hit the ground and knowing it fell through a crack will make anyone cringe.

Through the ordeal, Dixon’s friends tried to help out by going into the water to try to retrieve the missing ring but in the end, they couldn’t find it.

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Ellen: Idina Menzel surprises 11-Year-Old Superfan.

Singer Idina Menzel surprised one of her super fans on the Ellen Show.

Menzel was recently wowed by an 11-year-old named Luke Chacko when the two met at a Dallas concert and he perfectly sang the hit song “Let it Go.”

It was through that meeting that Ellen invited Chacko on the show and while she was asking the young singer who he wanted on his squad, Chacko was reunited and surprised by the ‘Frozen’ singer.

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Starbucks: Frappuccino Only Sold At Target Locations.

If you’re a Starbucks adventurer, then you might want to hunt down this exclusive Frappuccino item.

Target teamed up with Starbucks to sell a Frappuccino menu item that you can only find at Starbuck locations that are located inside Target.

The new item, the Dark Mocha Frappuccino made its way quietly to the Target location menus but it’s barely starting to be noticed by the masses now.

Some are saying that this Frappuccino will be a favorite for those who are fans of dark chocolate.

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