Rick Morton

The Morton Squadcast – Episode 17: “Donut Shops”

In this weeks Morton Squadcast, Rick, Edina & D-Rock wonder why anyone would want to open a Donut Shop. Also the squad talks about a study on Broccoli, how much D-Rock hates it, and why you only need to spend 15 minutes max at a scenic location....

The Morton Squadcast – Episode 16: “Mother’s Day Gift”

Rick has the Great Debate on getting his wife (expecting Mother) a Mothers Day gift, find out what threw off Rick's morning routine & how awkward it is to run into friends at grocery stores... All right here on the Squadcast! All that and a phone prank we call the Phone Jibba, on this edition of the Morton Squadcast with Rick, D-Rock & Edina!...

Rick Morton

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