With all the heavy news in the world, it is often good to be reminded of some of the brighter moments happening right here at home. Donnie Pickeral is a pastor at Aycock Fellowship Ministries in Greensboro. Thirty-one years ago, when Pickeral was just 19, he was diagnosed with a IgA nephropathy, a rare genetic kidney disease.

“There were statistics that I wouldn’t have any kidneys within two years and I’d be on dialysis,” Pickeral said.

Pickeral had to make serious diet and lifestyle changes and often felt exhausted no matter how much sleep he would get. In 2017, Pickeral stopped into the CVS in Kernersville and received extraordinary care from a pharmacist named Kathleen Kirkland. Pickeral was so impressed with her knowledge and care, he would soon change his pharmacy to make Kirkland’s CVS in Kernersville his home pharmacy. The two would maintain a great relationship.

“I feel like God puts people in your path for a reason and I feel like Donnie came to my pharmacy for me to help him,” Kirkland said.