Introducing Pandar!

Live on Z90 3P-10P

Pandar is the youngest and freshest on-air personality at Z90. You can hear him every week from 3pm-10pm but, be warned things might get strange sometimes. He’s a San Diego native, loves Mexican food, obsessed with Japan and proud father of two beautiful Golden Retrievers.

When he’s not on the radio, Pandar loves surrounding himself in the music scene by attending huge music festivals, interviewing famous artists, and discovering new music. There’s a good chance you’ll probably spot him in the Gaslamp on a Friday night.

Videos and Interviews

From interviews in the Z90 studios, to cake-fights in the Z90 parking lot, and interviewing new artists backstage at shows, Pandar is a pro and making his guests feel comfortable.


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Pandar’s Client Airchecks